Bravo 1 A2

Bravo 1 A2

The Bravo-1 was specifically designed with the folks at the Southern Training Center of the Force Recon Units of the U.S. Marine Corps. That initial contact was back in 2006 and we began delivery in 2007 of the Bravo-1 and they are is still in heavy demand from professionals, both Military and Private Contractors, and is in use by a lot of private citizens as their “go to” knife for heavy outdoor use. Since that time we have delivered over 14,000 Bravo-1s.

This all started back in 2006 when the instructors from Force Recon took $5,000.00 of their funds and bought a bunch of knives to test. They never told any of the manufacturers and bought them online, like any other customer. When all the testing was done there were only two knives left not broken or damaged beyond use. The Bark River Gameskeeper was one of the two. It was totally undamaged in everything these folks did to it.

We got a call and were asked if we could re-design the Gameskeeper to be the knife they wanted.The Bravo-1 is the result of their input.

The changes were the addition of the ramp style thumb rest on the spine and changing the guard into an integral self guard. They also wanted the choil eliminated to bring the sharp edge all the way to the front of the handle slabs for leverage in notching. The balance of the knife had to be on the first finger. Balance was achieved by skeletonizing the tang to put the weight evenly over the first finger position.

The handle slabs had to be epoxied and bolted to and through the blade. All of the Bravo-1s have the handle sets attached with bolt sets. They are non-removable. We grind off the screw slots as we finish out the handles. The synthetic material handles will all have stainless steel screw sets.

Here is something that needs to be clarified.

The ramp on the top of the Bravo-1 is not actually a thumb ramp. It serves two purposes. The rear part of the ramp is notched to engage the Firesteel. The front part of the ramp aids in putting more pressure over the plunge line for notching. The final result is a heavy duty bushcraft/survival knife that can stand up to abusive use.

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